A Review Of HP LTO 6 Ultrium Technology

Ultrium is probably the only tape format still existing that worth considering for business data archiving and backup. In fact, it has consistently delivered where other formats have failed and now commands about 90% of the global market. HP LTO 6 plays a big role in boosting cartridge capacities and native transfer rates to 2.5TB and 160MB/sec respectively. It also improves hardware compression to 2.5:1 – hence delivering theoretical increases in capacity and speed to 6.25TB and 400MB/sec.

HP LTO-6 Ultrium Data Cartridge

With this Ultrium data cartridge, all types of businesses can greatly benefit from easy to manage and scalable storage. It features transfer speeds of up to 1.4TB and incredible capacity of 6.25TB. It also features 2,176 tracks – which mean increased bit density. Moreover, it has smaller magnetic particles and smooth base film.
Through its WORM technology and AES 256-bit encryption, the data tape offers high data security, which also means its tamperproof. The “Smarter Grabber” mechanism ensures the leader pin isn’t pulled inside the data tape housing, while the simplified tape path plays a role in reducing wear and tear.
This data cartridge is one of the ideal, high-performance tape storage solutions, providing open-standard technology to ensure compatibility and flexibility with other similar products. It’s covered by a limited warranty and offers a 30-year archival life.

Features Of LTO 6 Data Cartridges

• Simple, convenient and fast
• An HP non-custom labeled cartridge can be used in all types of non-HP and HPLTO Ultrium, SDLT and DLT drives.
• Pre-sequenced media reduces lead times to few days because it’s easier to ship them off the shelf within 2 to 3 working days.
• Saves money, time and mistakes
• With custom labeled media, you will be able to peel, stick and attach barcode labels to various individual cartridges within the shortest time possible.
• RFID non-custom labels is also one of its features that increase the real time media visibility so the data centers can quickly recognize missing tapes, hence minimizing data breaches possibilities that can cause brand damage and heavy fines.

HP LTO 6 Ultrium Tapes

This lto-6 Ultrium Tape ca read or write data up to 1.4TB/hr, protecting, storing and encrypting up-to 3TB or (up-to 6.25TB compressed data) on each cartridge. Due to an increase of 70% in the total number of tracks, the bit density is also increased, thus allowing more data/information to be recorded. Its cartridge memory chip offers enhanced media monitoring and faster access time.

Features Of HP LTO 6 Ultrium Tapes

• It comes with a MP (Particle Memory) technology,
• It supports transfer speeds of up-to 160MB/sec (native),
• It’s compatible with LTFS (Linear Tape File System),
• It contains sensors that detect proper connection as well as prevent leader loss, which would ruin your tape.

Conclusively, do not overestimate the benefits of mounting/installing a HP LTO 6 tape on your desktop computer. You will always want to develop some organizational/archival habits, which can reduce the need to open files and folders in order to see what is on the tape. Lastly, HPLTO 6 has also proved to be one of the most reliable data storage solutions.